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Ballroom Dancing Costumes

You know all the steps, your rhythm is impeccable, and your technique is flawless. Now all that remains is to pick out a dance costume, accessories, and jewelry for your ballroom dance competition. In fact, costuming and accessories can have a significant impact on more than just your self-confidence and poise. The wrong costumes can bring down your scores and cheapen the hard work you have invested in building and honing your skills.

Why Unique Dance Costumes Matter for Ballroom Dancers

Whether you are competing or taking part in an exhibition, unique dance costumes for you and your dance partner are vital. Ballroom competition costumes are explicitly designed to showcase body movements and positions. Department store evening wear may be glamorous, but it is not designed with the judges and audience of a ballroom exhibition in mind. Ballroom dancing is striking, dramatic, and full of stylistic flair; your clothing, dance hairpieces, and accessories should be as well. 

Dance costumes for competition should be as unique as the people wearing them. Whether you purchase a brand-new dress or gently used consignment costumes, customizing your outfit is the single most effective way to ensure you are set apart from the crowd. In addition, you can be sure no one else will be wearing the same clothes when your dance costume, hair accessories, and jewelry are embellished with rhinestones and gems. 

Breathing New Life into Gently Used Consignment Costumes

Brand new ballroom dance competition costumes can be expensive. For this reason, it is far from uncommon for competitive dancers to buy nearly new consignment costumes. However, this is more than a cost-effective choice; altering and customizing second-hand dance costumes can create a more unique, eye-catching and exciting result

Crystal Couture provides high-end Swarovski crystal flat-back rhinestones, shapes, fancy stones, pearls, and embroidered and rhinestone appliques, performance jewelry, and accessories to competitive dancers worldwide. In addition to a wide array of accessories and rhinestones, Crystal Couture’s Encore Costume Couture also offers high-quality competition dance costumes on consignment.