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Crystal Calculator

 What is Crystal Calculator®?

Crystal Calculator® helps you determine how many rhinestones you will need for your project.

Crystal Calculator® is EXCLUSIVE to Crystal Couture Inc, in fact we developed it!

Crystal Calculator #2 

Here's how to use the Crystal Calculator®

Crystallizing a Cell phone, no problem. Follow this "how-to":

                      Step 1:   Simply measure the width and height of the area you want to crystallize.

                                            For example: Cell phone measures 2" wide by 4" in length = 8 square inches.

Step 2:   Determine the stone size (ss) of the Swarovski crystal you want to use.

                                            For example: Size 12ss rhinestones

                      Step 3:   Use the Crystal Calculator® to determine the number of crystals you will need.

                                                           Size 12ss crystal needs 64 crystals/rhinestones per square inch

 (refer to Crystal Calculator® Guide above)

                                            Remember you needed 8 square inches, so multiply the number of square inches

8 by the number of crystals per square inch or 64

64 crystals per square inch x 8 square inches = You need 512 crystals!


 This example would be for full coverage on your phone, the crystals will be next to each other just like the photo!  


        Now the fun for your Swarovski crystal colors and visit the "ideas" section of our website for inspiration!  RoseJetZebraCellPhone

Sample phone used Swarovski Rose 12ss and Jet 12ss crystals




Decorating a Dance or Figure Skating Costume.............. 

 use our Crystal Calculator® to help figure out how many crystals you will need!

                    Step 1:  Create a design for your costume, look under “ideas” for inspiration or give us a call we can help!

                    Step 2:  Measure neckline, straps or other costume areas to determine # of inches

                    Step 3:  Decide on Swarovski crystal sizes for your costume

                    Step 4:  Use Crystal Calculator® to calculate number of rhinestones needed per inch 

                    Step 5:  Shop our Swarovski colors, we carry more than 125 colors!


Use our special Crystal shopping features......

shop by color to see all the Swarovski colors or

shop by color family  to view Swarovski crystals grouped by shades.

  Crystal Calculator®  printable version


Have fun with your project!

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