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Unique Dance Team Costumes and Accessories

Ready for your dance team to shine like the stars they are? When it comes to bling under lights, nothing compares to genuine Swarovski crystal flatback rhinestones, shapes and fancy stones. Creating custom dance costumes embellished with crystals is a great way to set your team apart from the competition for many reasons. 

Give New or Used Dance Costumes a Facelift with Swarovski Crystals

No one likes walking into a party to find they’re wearing the same ensemble as another attendee; your dance team is no different. Whether you’re buying brand new outfits or jazzing up used dance costumes for a competition, you want to make sure your dancers stand out among the crowd. The addition of crystal rhinestones not only transforms off-the-rack costumes into things of beauty; it also ensures no team will be dressed exactly like yours. 

Coordinating Dance Costume Accessories and More

Dance competitions can be highly demanding both on and off-stage. You want to make sure every dancer on the team catches the eye of judges and spectators throughout the competition. Off-stage, this can be accomplished by coordinating warm-up suits and gear. On stage, dance team costumes can be leveled up dramatically with the addition of coordinating competition performance dance jewelry and hair accessories. All these garments and accessories can be further improved with the addition of sparkling, eye-catching crystals. From ready-made appliques to adhesives and individual stones, the sky's the limit. 

Unique Dance Team Costumes and Accessories

Plastic rhinestones just don’t have the shine and glitter of authentic Swarovski crystal rhinestones. Crystal Couture provides not only the very best in crystal rhinestones, appliques, and adhesives; dance teams rely on Crystal Couture for stunning gently used dance costumes sold on consignment. A one-stop-shop for all your dance competition wardrobe needs, Crystal Couture lets you make quick work of costume planning so you can focus on what you do best: winning those competitions.