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Figure Skating Costumes

Competitive skating requires so much skill, endurance, and determination. Gliding across the ice, nailing jumps seemingly effortlessly, and wowing the crowd is an exciting display of hard-earned skills, but costuming can be almost as important as performance. Ice skating dresses for competitions are supposed to be more than just eye-catching; they should be breathtaking. Run-of-the-mill rhinestones can add a little bit of glitter, but competition skaters should shine like the ice upon which they skate. When only the best will do, your figure skating costume needs genuine Swarovski crystal flatback rhinestones, shapes, and fancy stones 

The Power of Unique Figure Skating Dresses

Figure skating is a sport decided by judges, so it is imperative to catch their eye and hold their attention throughout your routine. One of the best ways to immediately set yourself apart from the crowd before the music even begins is to make sure you’ve chosen unique figure skating dresses that show off the moment you take to the ice. 

There’s more to a competition costuming than a skating dress. Competition earrings, hair accessories, and performance jewelry all provide an added opportunity to truly glisten under the spotlight. One of the best ways to ensure all these costume elements coordinate perfectly is to choose a ready-to-use crystal and embroidered appliques and embellishments. 

Creating the Perfect Figure Skating Costume

Buying a new figure skating costume off the rack means there is always a chance someone else could turn up to the competition in the same outfit. Standing out from the crowd is impossible if two competitors are inadvertently wearing identical costumes. For this reason, it is always a good idea to put your own unique touches on any new competition costume.

Buying a gently used consignment costume from Encore Costume Couture can often be far more cost-effective and efficient, but you will still need to put your own spin on the overall competition costume. Adding your own Swarovski crystal flatback rhinestones, shapes, and fancy stones to consignment costumes gives them an entirely new lease on life. Glittering customizations to figure skating dresses can be applied with accessories in mind, adding a glow and a tie-in to those accessories.

Crystal Couture provides high-end nearly new consignment figure skating costume wear and accessories, including all the Swarovski crystals, adhesive, and application tools you need to shine.