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Pageant Costumes

While talent, poise, and grace may be the traits pageant judges look for in a contestant, there is no denying the vital importance of pageant costumes. The right costume is of make-or-break importance in the ultra-competitive world of pageants, and it is absolutely crucial to catch the judges’ eyes. Every round of competition is another opportunity to wow the judges and garner applause from the audience, and nothing makes a statement like genuine Swarovski crystals. 

How Swarovski Crystal Rhinestones Improve New and Nearly New Costumes for Pageants

With costume changes necessary for every round, wardrobe requirements for a single pageant can be overwhelming. This is particularly true in the case of child and teen pageants, where no one wants to wear the same costume twice, and everyone is still growing. Giving gently used consignment costumes a new lease on life can be an economical way to cover all your bases or a guarantee your new costumes are utterly distinctive from every other contestant’s. 

Coordinating Gently Used Consignment Costumes, Jewelry, and Accessories for Pageants

Clothes are only one part of the equation for pageant costumes. Performance accessories,  rhinestone headbands, and jewelry bring those clothes to life. In addition, customized pieces make coordinating outfits a breeze, creating a cohesive look overall for more points and better placement when all is said and done. 

Packing and planning for a pageant can be difficult and stressful, especially if you must also spend time going to hobby and sewing shops to gather all the elements you need. 

Crystal Couture brings all your pageant needs under a single roof. Give new life to an older dress with embroidered, rhinestone, and beaded appliques and stones and bring it together to coordinate hair accessories and jewelry. Encore Costume Couture also offers gently used consignment costumes perfect for pageant weekends, ready to help the contestant in your life bring home the gold.