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Rhythmic Gymnastics Costumes

Reaching the competition or exhibition level in any sport is a testament to an athlete’s dedication and skill. At this level, costumes and accessories can play almost as significant a role in scoring and placement as routines themselves and the skill with which they are executed. The proper clothing is an essential component of competitive rhythmic gymnastics, as the best garments allow judges and spectators to see body lines and movements clearly. 

Choosing the Right Competition Costumes and Accessories

Unlike plain leotards for practice and training, competition leotards for rhythmic gymnasts are invariably embellished with a wide array of crystal rhinestones, shapes, sew-ons, & fancy stones. Competition wear should draw as much attention as possible. Sparkling under the lights and glistening like precious gems, brightly colored and embellished costumes should be as unique as the athlete wearing them. 

Rhinestone flatbacks and shapes do more than catch the light and the judges’ eyes, though. Clever placement of embellishments draws attention to the areas of the body that should be emphasized for specific performance. 

Pulling Together a Perfect 10 Competition Outfit

Rhythmic gymnasts express themselves through movement and high-level skills, but competition outfits are a vital part of the equation. Performance hair accessories and competition jewelry complete the picture, presenting a total package to judges and audiences. 

Nothing sparkles and shines like Swarovski's crystal flat-back rhinestones that put plastic and resin stones to shame. Crystal Couture provides the very best in show-quality Swarovski rhinestones competition accessories and gently used consignment competition costumes. Turn a used Encore Costume Couture costume into a custom work of art with gems, and accessories purchased from a one-stop-shop for all things competition. Spend more time developing and perfecting routines and less time gathering all the elements for a custom costume from multiple retailers. 

Rhythmic Gymnastics Gently Used Costume