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Looking for the perfect professional tutu but… don’t want to spend a fortune? 

Turn to Encore Costume Couture for gently used consignment dance costumes.

Design assistance to transform an existing ordinary tutu into something special!

NEW colors from SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS at Crystal Couture Inc...

Contrasting themes, colors and cuts characterize SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS innovations for Autumn/Winter 2011/12. Design trends celebrating the power of nature are seen in butterfly- and cloverleaf-shaped crystals, together with colors that suggest glittering nights and sunflower bursts. Elsewhere, timeless, nostalgic moods and styles are enlivened by positive, forward-looking and even frivolous designs.

New colors, new faith in the future

The latest colors to grace the SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS palette bring gravitas & optimism !

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Swarovski 2011 New Colors

Crystalize-It-YourselfSwarovski Blackberry Vikings Cell Phone Kit

Cell Phone Kits

 It's easy   It's fun!

  • Choose your colors!
  • Choose the crystal size
  • Choose the glue and precision tools
  • Kits range from $10 t0 $150
  • 100% Genuine Swarovski crystals!
    Swarovski Rhinestone Zebra Kit

Anything less just wouldn't be Crystal Couture


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Great Selection of Performance Earrings made with SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS

Swarovski Performance Earrings

  • Choose from Rondelle and Linked styles
  • Available in 12mm, 15mm and 20mm sizes
  • Great selection of colors!
  • Made with 100% genuine Swarovski crystals 

Swarovski Performance Earrings

"An absolute must for dancers and figure skaters to complete the look"

Swarovski Performance Earrings


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